Some of our listeners have been listening to Sayaswar, the Hindi Service of RVA broadcast from the beginning. They share in their letters, emails and SMS that the programs have really enriched their lives. They experience peace and joy while listening to our broadcast and have begun to appreciate people of all faiths, castes and regions. Some of our clubs have begun to feel the responsibility of assisting others especially who are in dire need of the help from other people. All this years of listening has made them agents of peace, socio-religious harmony and safeguards of environment. They have become active agents of Satyaswar in their respective places, sharing the same message with others proclaimed by our programs. The following feedback bear witness to their experience and efforts.


On 10 October, 2012 Mr. Deepak Kumar Das, a listener of Hindi service of RVA phoned to Satyaswar office and expressed his gratitude to RVA. He said that he is a Bengali, first heard Bengali service of RVA and liked it. When RVA Hindi Service began, he listened to Hindi service too. He learned Hindi language by listening to the broadcast. The messages of Satyaswar have transformed his life. He has become more humane in his approach, learned to appreciate life and nature. Though Hindu, he and his family members bow down before Jesus whenever they sees a Church building and experiences peace. RVA has given him many friends who are interested in the wellbeing of humanity and are acting as agents of social change.


Mr. Harendra Prasad Saha, 79 years old listener of the Hindi Service of RVA writes: “Other radio and TV channels are busy in presenting sensational and sensual information to attract listeners/audience and ‘you say: speak truth, live truth and proclaim truth’. In the midst of so much violence and corruptions Satyaswar is the only hope. Long live Satyaswar!”


Mr.Dileep kumar Thakur from the district of Bhagalpur, Bihar writes: Loving Greetings! These days I am not able to write letters regularly due to busy schedule but I regularly listen to your programs. I would like to get some information like the date and place of the next listeners meeting.

Are you going to organize any competition from your centre? If so when is it? This is my first letter through mail and here after I will send the letters though mail only. I hope and have full confidence that you will include it regularly in your programs.


Miss Sunita Kandulna from the district of Khunti, Jharkhand writes:


Loving greetings from Sunita Kandulna to Fr.John Wakhla, the producer of the program ‘Aapka Patra mila’. I listened the story ‘Dasheshwar’ in ‘Bal Jagat’. RVA is a Christian Radio broadcast (station) and you broadcast a story related to Hinduism from south India. By doing this you have proved that your radio station Satyaswar is secular radio station that respects all religions. Mr. Kumar Jay Vardhan’s letter was very inspiring one in ‘Aapka Patra mila’ Program. He wrote in his letter that we may belong to any religion or any cast group, the truth is that we feel the burden of looking after the old parents. Therefore, we leave them in old age home. Thanks for including my article in the program called ‘Shrota Shrajan’ but I hope you will publish the articles written by our club members in your Satyaswar magazine. Our members have started writing for the next Satyaswar issue with great enthusiasm.

Everyone is choosing their best places; some are on the silence of forest and some on the mountains top to bring out the best meaningful articles for your magazine. I hope the articles will find place in your magazine. Thanking you.


Mr.Chinmoy Mahato from the district of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand writes: Greetings! I am a regular listener of Satyaswar from the time the Hindi Service of RVA began. I also listened to the Bengal Service of RVA from the very beginning. I was not able to write letters due to some serious reasons. I received the 15 sets of Calendars of 2012 sent by Fr. Wakhla. I distributed them to every member of the club and also to respected Sir Sudhir Matato who is the Ex. Deputy CM of Jharkhand Sarkar (government). He was very happy to receive the calendar of Satyaswar , the Hindi service of RVA and the information about your centre. I had taken some photographs while presenting him the calendar; I will send those photos to you. At the end I would like to say that reception of RVA is very clear and the quality of the programs is good.


Mr. Anil Tamraker from Shivaji Chauk, Kantany , Madhya Pradesh writes: At the beginning of this letter, greetings to every member of Satyaswar family and my best wishes for you all! I would like to write in this letter that Radio Satyaswar is doing well in every aspect. In our fast changing world or in the time of imitation of Western culture, the Hindi service of RVA has kept up the Indian culture, Arts and literature. The broadcast has nurtured the culture and Indian tradition has been presented in a healthy manner. Whenever I listen programs of RVA, I feel as if it is a live broadcast. In other words it is very good. It has helped the listeners to develop the positive thinking and to be hard working. I have been listening the broadcast for many years but I have not found any negative aspect in your programs. The programs which are broadcast by RVA are very useful for the youth; they are guide lines for us. Lot of information is regularly broadcast for the youths. Indeed RVA programs are very appreciable and they are of a very good quality. They are based on spiritual and human values. I wish that broadcast continues to spread all over the land.


Mrs. Moni Kumari and Mr. Kumar Jay Bardhan from Bhanpur Badewa, district of Vaishali, Bihar write:

Loving greetings in God! In the morning broadcast on 30th August I listened Sant Sanidhya program and in that I listened about the life of St. Dominic Savio. It was presented by Sr. Ganga Rawat SSpS. It was very inspiring and informative. Thanks to her.

Saints should be like a cow and not like an elephant .Cow eats grass but in return it gives us milk, butter ghee and butter milk .Even the cow dung is useful for various purposes, where as an elephant eats sugar and jagury but we hardly get anything in return from an elephant. Saints and holy persons should have light of God and also healthy food. In other words they should eat nutritious food and in return give in abundance to the society the knowledge of God and true way of live.


Mr. Ram Vilas Prasad from the district of east Champaran, Bihar writes:

My loving greetings to every artist of ‘Aapka patra Mila’ Program! The drama broadcast on 13 of September was indeed very meaningful and inspiring. The theme of the drama was ‘The change of relationship’. I liked it very much and learnt a very good lesson for life that we should not forget our relationships with one another. Whenever we are far from home or our family, we need to maintain the contact with parents, children, husband and wife. I was inspired to live in love, unity and peace. It is very important that we spend our time with our family members. The special program which was broadcast on 15th of August was very enjoyable and touching .The theme of the program was ‘the life of train that moves’ .This drama was very informative and inspiring one. I learnt that we should not be indifferent to one another even in our thoughts.

We all need to maintain the relationship with one another and let us not forget that we are brothers and sisters of different faiths.


Mr. Abhishek Hemrom from the district of Khunti, Jharkhand writes:

Loving greetings from Ahbishek Hemrom to Frs. John Wakhla SVD, Herman Bandod SVD and Sr. Ganga Rawat SSpS. I got the inspiration from ‘Man Darpan’ program that we need to become aware of oneself and also to evaluate our minds. I also received the message that we should not discriminate the other persons. I listened an essay of Mr. Murary Singh Kisan in ‘Shrota shajan’. He shared his thoughts on fertilizers and its usefulness and harms. I liked it very much. I listened the reply of Mr. Prem Narayan Jat’s letter and mine from the program called ‘Aapaka Patra mila’. It was very encouraging. I would like to give you my personal opinion that instead of weekly drama , can you broadcast the culture, feasts , arts , science and technology of Philippines in the form of a serial .With the grace of God I will continue to write letters. With this wish I end my letter here.


Sri Gyan Bahadur Chetri from the district of Tinsukia, Assam writes:

Greetings to the RVA Satyaswar team! Frs. John Wakhla SVD, Herman Bandod and Sr. Ganga Rawat SSpS. Fathers, by the grace of God I am keeping fine with my family. I hope that by the grace of God you too are in good health and happy. I am your regular listener from far away land. I listen your programs with keen interest. Your programs are very good and inspiring. And also they are full of spiritual and moral values. ‘Ek Mulakat’, ‘Yug Sanchar’, ‘Nari Uthan’, Church News, Daily News, ‘Bal Geet’, ‘Bal Jagat’, ‘Bhakti Geet ‘, ‘Sarva Dharm Vichar’, Bible reflections, Bible serial and ‘Aapka Patra mila’ etc. are indeed very inspiring and beneficial. Thank you all for the good programs. Father I feel sorry that I don’t have any radio set to listen to your programs therefore, I am not able to send you letters regularly. I do go to my neighbor’s house to listen to your programs and I do encourage then to listen to your broadcast (Radia Veritas Asia) so that they may also know about it and benefit from it.

Fathers, I have full trust that you will gift a radio set to me on behalf of RVA Satyaswar family. Please do continue to inspire us to write letters like before. I thank God for Satyaswar that is the pride of the world and with its waves continues to spread good news everywhere. With this wish in my heart I end my letter.


Mr. Prem Narayan Jat comes from the village Navda Khedi, the district of Devas, Madhaya Pradesh writes:

Loving greetings and Sweet remembrance! I listened to the special program broadcast on Independence Day by Radio Veritas Asia, Hindi Service. On this day you send the best wishes to all the listeners, we accepted it with humble heart and great happiness.

After many years of freedom meaning after 66 years, still our country has not achieved its true freedom for which our father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi had a dream. Today in our country the beauty and devil continue to rule.

Terrorism, loot, stealing, rape, killing and corruption continue. Wealth and politics rule our country. The constitution and rules are not respected. Even today tribal, oppressed and poor are victims. The grains continue to rot and spoil in open places and other side people are dying of hunger. I too dream for a freedom where there will be happiness, peace and equal distributions. And everybody must keep the truth in the first place in their lives. With this wish for all, I end my letter here.