Target Areas and Target Listeners

India is the seventh largest country in the world spanning an area of 3,287,240 sq. km. Economic, ethnic, linguistic, religious, and cultural diversities seem to emerge sharper and affect the life and mentality of a growing and teeming population in India.

A large population, 72.2% of 1,210,193,422 people live in rural areas and depend directly on agriculture as their primary source of livelihood Given the vast geographical areas of India, however, it is not possible to rely on face-to-face contacts. As literacy is also low in rural areas, newspapers or the written word cannot be the chief means of communication. Television sets are also costly. Radio, then, remains a popular and distinctive medium despite the growth of television, cinema, cable and satellite services, the ubiquity of recorded music, and even the Internet. It is constantly evolving and adapting to cultural and technological changes. Radio sets are cheap and portable and the medium’s programs are adaptable for media mixes and in delivering music, news, and talks.

The target group of Satyaswar are the Hindi speaking people. The main target area is North India and crossing the boarders that reach up to Bangladesh, Nepal and Mauritius. The internet has opened the vast possibilities to reach out to the Hindi speaking people throughout the world, especially the youth.

Listener’s Profile

Broadcast services are aimed for the people of all faiths, different age groups gender, educated and uneducated and to rural folks as well as urban dwellers. Yet, most of our radio listeners come from the rural areas.


Hindus 60 %
Muslims 20 %
Christians 10 %
Buddhists 3 %
Others 7 %

Male 80 %
Female 20 %

Age Groups
10 – 20 Years 20 %
21 – 35 Years 50 %
36 – 50 Years 25 %
51 and above 5 %

Primary 46 %
Secondary 25 %
Graduates 10%
Post Graduates 3 %
Others 16 %

Agriculture 60 %
Employed 15 %
Self-employed 25 %
Others 10 %

Rural 70 %
Urban 30 %


Listeners are our assets and their feedback letters are the mirrors of our programs as well as source of bonding together with the people in RVA. The Hindi Service has been receiving 12 to 15 feedback postal letters from its listeners every day. Recently, we have also been receiving daily emails, too.. The number of letters has been on increase every year and many new listeners have been added to our mailing address book. In the year 2010, emails and short mobile messages (SMS) were also used as feedback mechanism and there is an increase in the number of emails and SMS. SMS were received from the month of September 2010.

Feed-back letters from year 2004 to year 2010:

The number of the feedback letters decreased in 2010 but there is increasing addition of emails and SMS.


YearNo. of Feedback Letters
2004 4537
2005 4929
2006 5269
2007 6429
2008 5873
2009 5983
2010 7010

Some of our listeners have been listening to the Hindi Section of RVA broadcast from the beginning. They share in their letters, emails and SMS saying that the programs have really enriched their lives. They experience peace and joy while listening to our broadcast and have begun to appreciate people of all faiths, castes and regions. Some of our clubs have begun to feel the responsibility of assisting others especially who are in dire need of help from other people. Years of listening have made them agents of peace, socio-religious harmony and safeguards of environment. They have become active agents of ‘Satyaswar” in their respective places, sharing the same message with others as proclaimed by our programs. The following letters bear witness to their experiences and efforts.