Letter from Hpu Hpu Mya Thoung, (Kauf Muj Trauz),Hpa Pun Township,Karen State.

This is my prayer that The Holy Spirit may inspire all of you who are working in the Radio Station. I am already old and because of my poor eyesight, I depend on the radio programs in regard to spiritual nourishment, family life, question and answer and news. The programs indeed enrich me. I am wishing that you have a longer airing time since Radio is the only means to reach out to the outside world especially in my old age. I hope that many may realize the value of RVA and appreciate the Radio Mission.


Letter from Fr. Medard Lwan Moe, Kagnin Thone Sint, Kyaun Gone Township, Irrawaddy Division.

God’s Blessings!

As I am touring and proclaiming the Good News in this Easter Season, the RVA also proclaims the Good News on its programs. It is a great pleasure for us to have any opportunity to witness the Good News wherever we are. The work of witnessing and proclaiming the Good News will continue till the end of the world despite all the hardships that we encounter in life.

Secondly, Our Karen culture is deteriorating. One of the missions of RVA is to preserve the culture and language of the people. The RVA program gives nourishment not only spiritually but also in helping preserve the culture and language of people that unite us all as one race and one God’s family. During the 1997 diocesan assembly, we planned to improve the language and culture of the people in our diocese. The RVA program is taking part in fulfilling our plan. Our people can get information about life’s important issues and human development through RVA program in our own dialect. I have great pride for all RVA staff.


Letter from Saw Tin Toe Kan Gyi Gyo Village, Bago Division

To all the staff

Karen Service, Radio Veritas Asia

It is my pleasure to have such an opportunity to listen to the Karen program. Evangelical messages, children stories and many other interesting news are on radio. I assure of my prayer for the long life of radio evangelization. I like the question and answer program with which I can learn many things. May I ask for your prayer for God’s blessing over my daily activities.

Yours respectfully,


Letter from Hpu Hsaiv, Myawaddy, Karen State.

To Karen Service, Radio Veritas Asia

I am a constant listener of Radio Veritas Asia, Karen Service. I listen to the program more often since I am working in the farm at the foot of a hill four miles far away from the town. May I request the Karen Service to pass my regard to all the catechists who are working in different areas through the mail reply program.


Letter from Stella Ma Soe, Kyo Bin Gauk Parish, Bago Division.

To Karen Service, Radio Veritas Asia.

My name is Stella Ma Soe, a Catechist working in Gyobingauk Parish which is in Bago Division. From time to time I tour the Parish and visit the people in different villages. During the visit, I talk to the people about the programs of RVA Karen Service. When I was in a place called Kwin San Village, I met an old man whose name is U Saw Let. He told me that he was a constant listener of the RVA Karen Service for several years already. Listening to the programs twice a day for just about 30 minutes for each program is not enough since he is old and can’t move well. He depends on the homilies and preaching on radio for his daily spiritual nourishment. Since he himself could not write, he asked me to write to RVA for words of thanks and requested the birthday song for his friends.


Letter from Sr. Clare, Sisters of St. Francis Xavier, Pathein, Myanmar

Dear Fr. Hubert, Brother and Sisters, it is a great joy to listen to RVA programs proclaiming the Good News to all the people. The RVA is an instrument to carry on God’s healing, continuous care and consolation to our physical and spiritual needs. Health care corner, Youth program, Family corner, News and mail reply are very much appreciated by us, listeners. I am a permanent listener and I am always happy to write to you to tell you how much RVA means to our people. Have courage and go ahead with God’ grace that accompanying you along the way. May God be glorified through RVA. God bless you all.



Letter from Christopher S’ Htut Htut (Taman Chaung, Taung Chaung Parish)

Grade 10

Age 20

To all the RVA Staff,

First and foremost, my gratitude to God for Radio Veritas Asia in our lives as an instrument of God’s loving kindness for our entire Karen people. I thank all the RVA personnel for their love and service to make the programs alive and interesting.

Every program gives us understanding the meaning of life so to say the purpose of being human. The RVA enables us to attain knowledge and strength as we go on in our daily life amidst struggles. RVA program gives us not only knowledge and strength but also happiness while listening to it. This year 2012- we can listen to RVA programs with many voices involved since more listeners contribute to the programs. As I know so much more in listening to RVA, I can assure that it is beneficial to all our listeners. Because of RVA, our Karen people of different faiths or groups are ignited to learn more of our language and culture and thus bring more unity among people.

I would like to ask you to air more about the Karen culture and to tell us about our Karen flag, Karen instruments etc.. My prayer and best wishes for the RVA apostolate, for all the staff and for the development of our people.


Letter from Monicar San Pwa (Myaung Gyi)

Grade 10

Age 17

To our beloved RVA members,

I am a regular listener of RVA and I always offer my prayer for RVA. May you all be filled with God’s graces so as to proclaim the Good News to all who are in great need of physical and spiritual help.

The RVA program is giving information and knowledge to the people for what they need to know and develop. That’s why I love the RVA! As we are still young, we realize our potentialities God has given us and at the same time we realize our responsibility to work for our people in various ways. The RVA sheds light on our Karen people to learn our language and treasure our cultural heritage which God has given us as Karen people and to give him greater glory.

The people from rural areas long to be informed and enlightened. RVA becomes the source to help us keep on facing life courageously. We are informed and enriched because we love listening to RVA program. Thank you all so much….