Radio Veritas Karen Service was established 30 years ago as one of language services based in Radio Veritas Asia Centre, in Manila, Philippines. RVA Karen Service has been airing the programs comprising both pastoral and social development of Karen listeners in Myanmar, along Thai-Myanmar Borders and oversea. Karen Language Service is composed of Sagaw and Pwo dialects spoken and understood by Karen people. With the support of Catholic Bishops’ conference of Myanmar, RVA Karen Service is being sustained and developed for the well being all Karen People regardless of religions, genders, and status.


Target Areas of RVA Karen Service

Yangon Division, Bago Division, Tanintharyi Division, Ayeyarwaddy Division, Kayin State and Thai- Myanmar Borders.


Target People

Religious leaders, Catechists, Students, Farmers, Refugees and Migrants (male and female.