Mission Statement

  1. To proclaim the message of love to all people in Asia in cooperation with the recognized local centre.
  2. To make the Karen and all Asian People discern the will of God and help them to accept and love what is good and perfect.
  3. To help the Karen and all of God’s people to grow in maturity with God’s children , and to take part in their specific role in their community as parts of the body of a larger family.
  4. To reach out to all Karen people across the globe making them aware of their own identity as Karen, and as people of God created in his image and likeness towards the fullness of life.


  1. Christian maturity is possible through the process of human development.
  2. Karen youths must be awakened from their indifference to strengthen their fellowship, friendship, and solidarity which are the means in building up of justice, non-violence, peace and community development.
  3. Good news to all Karen people towards the fullness of life.
  4. To reach out to all Karen people through RVA Transmission.