Program description (August, 2012)

Sunday Homily: It is an evangelical message to all Karen Listeners especially to the Karen Catholics. It is specially meant for those who are unable to take part in the Sunday Eucharistic Celebration- the sick, the elderly, the workers in different work places who are far from the Sunday services. It is also meant for the Catechists and those who lead the community prayer Service in rural areas to help them in preparing their homilies for the people.

Catechism and Church History: To inculcate in the minds of our listeners about the catechism of the Church and to increase their faith and help them to live accordingly. Church History enriches knowledge about the life of the Church to the listeners and so they are able to learn about the Church in contemporary time.

Bible Reflection and Thought for the Day on Scripture:The programs are to provide spiritual nourishment in the daily life of the listeners. The programs help them to ponder over and meditate on the word of God and pray over it. Spiritual and inner strength is gained on this program in regard to their daily struggles.

Karen Culture and Karen History: The Karen People are one of the national ethnic groups in Myanmar ( Burma). They are more than a national minority. The total population is estimated to be about 7 to 10 millions. The Karen people have their own history, language and culture and regions of settlement. Karen Culture and Karen history programs are aired with the aim of maintaining and conveying the lessons of the past to the younger generations. It is possible to experience God and understand his ways in the people’s culture.

Question and Answer: The program paves the way for listeners to ask the questions (religious and general). It helps the listeners to know more about what they want to know on anything about Church teachings. It is a sort of Listeners’ active participation in program production.

Life of Saints: It is another evangelical message to the listeners. Through the airing of the lives of saints the program aims to help the listeners mold their lives with the holy people as their reference. In this way they may be able to live fully the life of God’s children.

Family Program: The family is the basic unit of society and the strong foundation of a nation. The program makes the family members be aware of their rights and duties towards each other. They are collaborators in community and nation building. The program is aired with the aim of understanding and maintaining family values.

Story Telling and Children Program: The programs are specially meant for children to be able to help bring them up as obedient kids with respect for their parents and elders. The programs comprise of telling the stories which have good moral lessons. Moreover, the episodes and parables in the Bible are presented to the children with the aim of explaining to them the proper ways of good moral conduct.

Health Program: The program is meant to educate the people to know how to take care of themselves, to be aware of current diseases, to convince them that prevention is better than cure. There is a saying “Health is Wealth”. The program serves to provide the necessary knowledge and messages especially to those who are far away from health workers and health departments.

General Knowledge: The program provides the listeners to enhance their knowledge about things, events, persons which have happened, is happening locally or globally and also with the aim of providing them moral lessons.

Birthday Songs and Song Request: Entertainment is part of our Radio Mission. We are keeping in touch with our listeners through airing our listeners’ favorite songs during their birthdays and other occasions.

Youth Program: They are the future of the society and nation. The youth program aims to equip the youth with necessary knowledge regarding career, livelihood and growing in good moral conduct. Good examples and models of successful youth in the country as well as those in foreign land are presented to help the young people in building or preparing their future for the good of themselves and of the whole community.

Mail Reply: The program plays the role of replying to the received letters sent in by the listeners. With this we can always communicate with the listeners and maintain our listenership. The comments about the different programs from our listeners are discussed and some questions are answered on this program.

Agriculture: Most of the Karen People earn their living through agriculture. They are dwelling on Irrawaddy delta as well as on mountain regions where agriculture is the main source of livelihood. The program provides agricultural and livestock knowledge to the working people in the farms. The program provides information and knowledge on environment protection.

News: We bring the current situation to our listeners through the news program. Church News as well as World News are aired on the radio. The News program serves to be the eyes of the listeners to the open world.

Pope's Message: Vatican, the office of Pope Francis occasionally releases his official messages and we aim to include this for public awareness and encourage Catholics to unite with him and follow the good examples of His Holiness through his works, his dedicated mission, his exemplifying life for holiness and his efforts in bringing peace to the world.

Heroic Person: This program aims to encourage the people no matter how big is their trials and difficulties they may have to face, never to give up and withdraw but to keep in faith and keep going until they have succeeded. Perseverance, hardworking and positive outlook will always bring out their best and here we include the life stories of today's famous and successful individuals, showcasing their lives from different angles of life's difficulties to success as examples.

Environment: Our limited knowledge and long history of insensitivity to environment has caused the great damage to our ecosystem. Massive disasters, flood, drought, food insecurity and hunger all over the world are the great evidence of it. We aim to include this program for education purposes on the importance of green environment in our lives, our responsibilities in keeping and preserving our ecosystem and how this will benefit us throughout generations.

Interreligious: Through this program we aim to promote respect and understanding among different religions.