Teddim Chin Staff

RVA Teddim Tongluan Staffs

The chair persons for RVA Zomi Teddim Tongluan are Bishop Felix Lian Khen Thang (Local Ordinary), Msgr. Martin Suan Khan Mung and four Vicar Forange. This board members meet once a year to discuss on Program, Strong and Weak point and for finance.

The staff members are as follow-

  • Fr. Joseph Kham: Director and Technician
  • Fr. Andrew Thang Ngaih: Coordinator
  • Sr. Francisca Ciang Ngaih Lian: Treasurer and Editor
  • Mr. Francis Lian Khan Pau: Gospel reading and prayer request
  • Mr. Bernard Thawng Sian Lian: Ecumenism and Culture knowledge
  • Mr. Joseph Hau Kap: Church History
  • Mr. William Kam Khen Pau: Education knowledge and Life of Saints
  • Mr. Vungh Khan Kap: Health and family Guidline, local news.
  • Mr. Raymond Kham Pu: Drama and RVA song composer
  • Mr. Michael Kang Lian: Catechism
  • Veronica Niang Hawm Cing: Announcer and Recording in-charge

Mr. John Kap, Mr. Francis and Sr. Veronica are full time staff and the rest are part time staff. The part time members help us as script write. They are experienced catechists for many years. They are the strength and a great help to our Teddim Chin Service.